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Chimney Sweeping,
Chimney Inspections & Maintenance Services


The Fire Place Ltd is a factory-certified dealer for the Heat Shield chimney liner repair system. We will notify you if we discover any issues during our routine chimney sweeping and inspection. If needed, we can recommend the best method for repairs.
Depending upon the level of repairs needed to restore your chimney to proper working order, Heat Shield Flue Sealant may be applied to repair only the broken or missing mortar joints between your clay flue tiles, or may be used to coat the entire inside of the flue from top to bottom to alleviate more serious cracks and spalling issues in the flue tiles.


See the following link directly to the Heat Shield website for complete details:
Heat Shield Cerfractory Chimney Liner Repair

 Chimney Sweeping &
Chimney Inspections

Creosote is a by-product of wood burning which can build up on the interior walls of your fireplace and chimney. Creosote can form in a variety of looks from black or brown, to shiny or flaky. The important thing to know is that it is highly combustible and that a chimney fire can cause serious damage to your chimney resulting in a potential fire hazard.

See the following link for more detailed information on creosote formation and the importance of having your chimney cleaned and inspected on a regular basis by a professional chimney service:
Chimney Safety Institute of America

The Fire Place Ltd offers two levels of professional chimney sweep service.

Our Level 1 professional chimney sweep service includes:
 *Chimney sweeping to remove creosote deposits greater than 1/8" thick.
 *Visual inspection of the firebox for damaged firebrick or crumbling mortar.
 *Remove any debris that may restrict airflow.
 *Ensure the damper operates freely and provides an adequate seal.
 *Visual inspection from top and bottom of chimney to check for broken or cracked flue tiles or chimney crown.
*Written report detailing the work performed and the condition of each item, including any areas of concern.

Our Level 2 professional chimney sweep service includes:
 *Every service included with a Level 1 chimney sweep, plus:
isual inspection of the outside of the chimney including through accessible areas such as the attic or crawl space.
*Camera scan of the chimney flue interior to check for defects that may not be visible from a basic top/bottom visual inspection.

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Chimney Crown Repairs 
A chimney inspection is similar to preventative maintenance on your car. Diagnosing a problem early on can save your home from major damage. Is your chimney crown cracked and in need of repair?
The chimney crown is the tapered cement cover on the top of a masonry chimney. The brick and cement blocks are installed around the clay tile flue liners, but you need to stop the rain and snow from getting in around the flue tiles and causing damage to your chimney. The purpose of the chimney crown is to keep moisture out. The cracks are not always as evident as in the photo above. Cracks in the chimney crown can occur from shifting of the structure or from shrinkage dating back to the first day the crown was put on. When your crown has cracks, the water goes right through those cracks leading to major problems if they are not fixed promptly. See the following photos from a recent repair.



Metal Chimney
Chase Covers

Image result for chase covers for chimneys
Metal, factory-built fireplaces have become the predominant choice for homeowners and builders for many reasons. The installation process is very different from their masonry counterpart. These are generally installed within a wood framed structure with insulation and siding, as opposed to cinder block. The top of the wood framed structure is capped off with a sheet metal cover to prevent rain and snow from entering the chimney chase.

Over time, the original galvanized steel chase cover may start to rust and require replacement.

 The Fire Place Ltd will provide:
 1) A heavy-duty aluminum
chase cover 
 2) Measuring, fabricating and installing the new cover

 3) Choose from over 20 colors
 4) Extended drip edge
 5) Raised cross-break pattern
for proper water runoff.

Helpful Tips To Enjoy Your Fireplace More:

Extend the life of your fireplace grate by cleaning out the ashes regularly.
Allowing the ashes to build up reduces air flow, holds in the heat and leads to a shortened grate lifespan. If you need to replace your fireplace grate, purchase a cast iron one from us. Quality cast iron grates are much more durable than welded steel bar grates. Stop in with your firebox dimensions and we can recommend "the greatest of grates".

Clean your fireplace or stove glass only with the proper glass cleaner designed specifically for fireplaces. Avoid standard household cleaners that can "bake" on the glass, leaving a foggy residue or film behind that is nearly impossible to remove. We have specially formulated cleaners made specifically for gas or wood burning stoves and fireplaces.

Install a chimney cap.
Prevent "bird flue" and protect your chimney tiles from moisture problems and your damper from rust. See us for a chimney cap with a "Lifetime Guarantee".

Have your chimney cleaned regularly by a certified chimney service company. Avoid the dangerous and damaging effects of a chimney fire by having your flue cleaned and inspected annually by our professional chimney sweeping crew.

Email us regarding our Chimney Sweeping Services and we will contact you to discuss your chimney needs.

Please give us a brief description of your concern with your chimney or fireplace and we will contact you with our advice.

Call us at (414) 527-0400 to discuss your
chimney service requirements and schedule an appointment.

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