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Electric Fireplaces

Stop in and see our selection
of electric fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces are a great option to add a fire feature exactly where you want, with no hassle of chopping wood, complicated venting or worrisome gas supply lines.

Enjoy a fire immediately whenever the desire strikes you without any mess.

Whether your style is defined as modern, traditional or anywhere in between, we can source an electric fireplace to perfectly suit your needs.

Closeout Model
FMI electric fireplace including an electric heater and remote control with Oak cabinet stained in a Cherrywood finish.

NOW $750 - Last One!

25% OFF 
Heritage Seafoam Wood Stove

Now $2400

Compare the beauty, style and heating efficiency of a soapstone wood stove.

Designed to provide a steady, consistent heat with less temperature variation in your home, the soapstone absorbs the heat of the fire and releases it slowly over an extended period of time giving you a longer heat life from one load of wood than a traditional steel wood stove.
Hurry in today! This fantastic offer only applies to our last remaining in-stock model.

Osburn offers many great promotions throughout the year on the purchase of their wood burning fireplaces, stoves and inserts.

For the month of January 2017,
get a FREE start-up kit with the purchase of an Osburn 2000, 2300 or 2400 wood stove.

Part #AC01380 
START-UP KIT includes:

•Fire Starter
•Stove paint
•High quality gloves
•Digital moisture reader
•Glass cleaner
•Probe Thermometer

Offer valid on purchases made between
January 1st to December 31st, 2017.

Click on the following link to
view the current Osburn monthly promotion and print the appropriate claim form:

Glass Fireplace Door Close-Out & Demo Models

Save 25%, 50%, even 75% off the list price
on our selection of close-out and demo model custom fireplace doors!

These beautiful doors are in stock now & ready for immediate delivery.
Bring us your existing fireplace opening dimensions or visit us before building or re-facing your fireplace
and we'll show you our selection of available doors at excellent prices you won't find anywhere else.

Door #1-
Savannah Door
Overall frame size=
46-3/16"W x 33-3/4"H
Minimum opening size=
41-1/8"W x 31-1/4"H
Toffe finish
no mesh

NOW $250

Door #2-
Legend Steel Door
Overall frame size=
40"W x 37-7/8"H
Minimum opening size=
37-3/8"W x 35-1/2"H
Antique Copper finish
and gate mesh doors

NOW $500

Door #3-
Carolina Steel Door

Overall frame size=
41"W x 30"H
Minimum opening size=
37-1/2"W x 28-1/8"H

Autumn Glow finish
mesh screen curtain

NOW $500

Door #4-
Legend Steel Door
Overall frame size=
35-1/2"W x 29-1/4"H

Minimum opening size=
32-7/8"W x 28-1/2"H
Vintage Iron finish w/arched window pane design and gate mesh doors 
NOW $500

Door #5-
Overall frame size=
"W x "H
Minimum opening size=
"W x "H

Overall frame size=
"W x "H
Minimum opening size=
"W x "H

Door #7-
Carolina Steel Door
Overall frame size=
41-3/8"W x -31-1/8"H
Minimum opening size=
38-1/8"W x -29-1/4"H
Vintage Iron finish w/
gate mesh doors

NOW $500

Door #8-
Carolina Steel Door
Overall frame size=

43-3/4"W x 30-7/8"H
Minimum opening size=
40-1/8"W x 29"H

Ancient Age finish w/ window pane design and gate mesh doors
NOW $500

Door #9-
Apex Door
Overall frame size=
37-3/4"W x 31-7/8"H
Minimum opening size=
34-1/2"W x 29"H
Solar Bronze finish
No mesh

NOW $250

Door #10-
Carolina Steel Door

Overall frame size=
38"W x 33-7/8"H
Minimum opening size=
34-3/4"W x 32-1/4"H
Classic Bronze finish w/
inside fit door stiles and
gate mesh doors
NOW $500

Door #11-
Carolina ZC Steel Door
(for factory-built fireplaces)
Overall frame size=
36-1/2"W x 24-1/2"H
Minimum opening size=
36"W x 23-3/4"H
Solar Bronze finish w/
mesh curtain screen
NOW $500

Door #12-
Carolina ZC Steel Door
(for factory-built fireplaces)
Overall frame size=
36-3/8"W x 20-1/8"H
Minimum opening size=
35-3/4"W x 19-5/8"H
Rustic Black finish
No mesh

NOW $500

Please call in advance to verify availability on any of the above doors as these are closeout,
demo and discontinued models. Status may change as these doors are sold.

Winter Time is the Perfect Time to Plan your Spring Time Fire Pit!

Have you been desiring a fire pit for your deck or patio? Now is the time to start planning for Spring. 
Avoid potential shipping and back-order problems that could delay your enjoyment for a few extra weeks.
Stop in to see our selection of in-stock fire tables and fire pits and SAVE with the Special Offers shown below.

The Fire Place Ltd has a great selection of top quality fire pits available in natural gas, propane or wood burning models.
The Fire Place Ltd will assemble and test fire your fire pit and have it ready to go before the Spring thaw. The Fire Place Ltd also offers
outdoor fireplaces and fire pit components for the Landscape Design market and the Do-It-Yourself fire pit builder including stainless steel burners, gas valves, lava rock, decorative glass media and outdoor log sets. We also offer professional installation of natural gas supply lines so you never need to worry about the LP tank running out of gas before you do.

OGC Vintage OGC Wave OGC Artisan OGC Colonial Pub Height
OGC Cove OGC Colonial Chat Height OGC Uptown OGC Pine Ridge
OGC Montego OGC Marquee OGC Nightfire Uniflame 41" Square Tile Top
BDM Westlake BDM Crystal Downs Uniflame Lattice Uniflame Stars and Moon Uniflame Low Profile


The TOP 5 Reasons to Purchase a Fire Pit from The Fire Place Ltd:

  • FREE ASSEMBLY. Assembly by experienced staff members who care that the job is done right.
  • FREE TEST FIRING. We connect and test fire every natural gas and propane model to insure trouble-free operation
    when you are ready to enjoy your new fire pit.
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE SALES AND SERVICE STAFF. We deal with Natural Gas, Propane Gas and Fire every day.
    We've been selling and installing FIRE since 1970.

    You don't want to buy your fire pit from the furniture store or the kid working part-time at the big box store.
  • MORE TOP QUALITY, U.L. LISTED, MADE IN THE U.S.A. PRODUCTS from trusted manufacturers than anyone else around.
Save up to $100 off on the purchase of any Outdoor GreatRoom Fire Table with the OGC online coupon.
Click here to "Get Your Coupon" directly from The Outdoor GreatRoom Company.
FREE Fatwood Fire Starter (6LB Burlap Bag) or FREE Color Cones (100pc Burlap Bag)
with the purchase of any Wood Burning Fire Pit. No coupon necessary.
Online Coupon, Free Fatwood Fire Starter and Color Cone Offers Valid Through March 31st, 2017.


* Sale prices and/or discounts cannot be combined with any other offers.
Prior sales are excluded.
The Fire Place Ltd reserves all rights to change or discontinue promotions,
specials, sales, and close-outs at any time without notice.
See salesperson in store for complete details and to proceed in finalizing your purchase.
Thank you.

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