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Call us at (414) 527-0400 to discuss your
service requirements and schedule an appointment.

Please have the brand name, model number, serial number and a description of the service issue available
before calling so we can determine how we can best help you.

Replacement Refractory Panels

 Are the imitation brick panels in your factory-built fireplace cracked and in need of replacement?
The best option is to order the exact panel or complete set from the manufacturer of the fireplace. If that option does not work for you, we have generic refractory panels that can be cut-to-size to fit most fireplaces.
These measure 24" high X 40" wide X 3/4" thick.

For safety reasons, insure your original panels are not larger or thicker than this size. If they are, this option will not work for your fireplace.

Replacement Mesh Curtain Fireplace Screens

Are there large gaps between your
fire screen panels that allow sparks
to pop out of the fireplace while you
are trying to relax and unwind
at the end of the day?
If so, your fireplace screens have
lost their "sequential spiraling"!
Protect your home with our replacement
mesh curtain fireplace screens. These are a
heavy gauge mesh screen with hog ring hangers and coil spring pull handles. Available in
1" increments from 16" to 27" high.
2 panels per pkg (24" or 30" wide each panel).

Replacement Parts

We can order OEM replacement parts direct
from the manufacturer for many older models
of fireplaces and stoves including:

  • Lennox
  • Superior
  • FMI
  • Marco
  • Fireplace Xtrordinair
  • Montigo
  • Kozy Heat
  • Jotul
  • Osburn
  • Drolet
  • Valcourt
  • PSG Furnaces
  • Lopi Stoves
  • Hearthstone
  • Whitfield
  • Earth Stove
  • Country Stoves

Locate the brand name, model number,
serial number, and the specific part you need
and call us to find out the availability and cost.

Need help with
your pilot light?

Is your pilot light out? Need help re-lighting it?
First & foremost, be safe
when working with gas appliances!

If you detect a gas odor at anytime-
Immediately close the inline safety shut-off valve
(usually located inside the appliance or basement) Open doors and windows to ventilate the area.
Do not turn any light switches on or off.
Call your gas supplier from outside the home.
In Southeastern WI, call WE Energies
at 1 (800) 261-5325 for assistance. 

 If there is NO gas odor present:
Locate the brand name of your stove or fireplace and check the manufacturers website
for lighting instructions that are specific to your particular model.
2)Check for lighting and operation instructions attached to the appliance near the gas valve or control access compartment.
3)You can also find helpful online tutorials that include detailed photos or videos, such as the one shown below:

If you are uncertain or unable to perform
these tasks, we highly recommend you give
us a call to schedule an in-home service
appointment for our trained technicians
to diagnose and remedy the issue.

Gas Fireplace & Gas Stove Tune-Up

Let our expert technicians get your gas fireplace or gas stove ready
for the cold Wisconsin winters.
Tune up includes:
*Check appliance for any gas leaks
*Assess condition of pilot assembly and main burner
*Adjust air mixer setting per mfgr specs
*Check millivolt production at gas valve
*Inspect glass gaskets & seals
*Clean front glass panel
*Vacuum fan assembly and gas valve compartment
*Freshen ember bed material
(replacement parts, if available, are not included)
Call us for pricing and service program details. Please have the fireplace or stove brand name, model number, serial number and a description of any known issues available before calling.

We offer many Chimney Caps
A chimney cap is a vital component for the long-term enjoyment of your fireplace. The correct chimney cap can help reduce downdrafts, prevent rain and snow from rusting out your damper and stop birds from getting in your home.
Vacu-Stack draft improving chimney cap Chim-a-lator Damper CapBig Top Multi-Flue Chimney CoverDraft King Copper Chimney Cap Stainless Steel Liner Pipe Cap Draft King Stainless Steel Black Chimney Cap
Decorative European Copper Chimney PotsAsk us for a quote on installing a chimney cap.


 Cast Iron Fireplace Grates
     If you need to replace your fireplace grate, purchase a cast iron grate from The Fire Place Ltd.
Quality cast iron grates are much more durable than welded steel bar grates. These heavy-duty replacement grates come in a variety of styles and sizes.
Bring in your fireplace dimensions and we can recommend "the greatest of grates".

*Extend the life of your fireplace grate by cleaning out the ashes regularly. Allowing the ashes to build up
under the grate reduces air flow, holds in the heat and will lead to a shortened lifespan of the grate.

Fireplace Glass Cleaner

Using the correct glass cleaner to remove the
build-up on your fireplace glass makes a big difference.

Our fireplace glass cleaners are specially formulated to remove the soot deposits of wood burning and the chemical by-products from burning natural gas or propane. Avoid standard household cleaners that can "bake" on the glass, leaving a foggy residue or film behind that is nearly impossible to remove.


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